The History of the Old Manor

The Old Manor opened its doors in December 2000. The building itself is the surviving portion of the Manor House of the Manor of Wyllyotts, which covered 2000 acres and dates back to the 13th century. It had been known, until the present owners took over, as The Wyllyotts Manor, although there is no historical evidence of a family of that name
having lived there. The first reference to the Manor of Wyllyotts is in 1268, when Sir Roger Leukenor was Lord of the Manor, and although the family held the property until 1562, they did not live there. The first known occupants were the Pouns family in 1387.

The Old Manor today is the remnants of a greater complex of buildings, which may well have been moated. Its original function is open to question, but it would appear to have been constructed for agricultural purposes. The present day main restaurant area is situated in what is considered to be four bays of what was a five bay structure, most
probably a barn, and although there is an inglenook fireplace and gallery, these are not original features of the building.

The Manor and Manor house descended through many families until in 1687 James Hickson, a London Alderman and member of the Guild of Brewers, bequeathed the estate to the Guild for the upkeep of his almshouses nearby. For much of the 18th and 19th centuries there was a farm on the site but the tenants who farmed the land let the buildings fall into neglect.

A Mr. Hugh Seabrook purchased the property in 1925 and after having done considerable research into the site and its history, carried out extensive repairs & restorations to the building. The Potters Bar Urban District Council became the owners in 1937. Alterations and additions were made until in 1973, Goodhews, a firm of restaurant owners, completely renovated the site and opened the Manor as licensed premises. During their work, evidence of the Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval periods was found. In 1977 the property was acquired by Watneys Breweries.

The present owners are Old Manor Trading Ltd which is a family run business.

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